21. Mar, 2016


I have neglected this blog lately due to a temp job that has gone on for much longer than expected.  However, I have managed to maintain my Twitter account fairly regularly.  Some days ago, I received a tweet asking if I am the Shanti that attended Fulham Cross school and did I want to meet for lunch?  The tweet was posted by my very best friend Sam and also on behalf of Emma and Fiona, the four of us had been inseparable at school.  I tweeted back, Sam, Emma and Fiona from school? No way! 

We have not met for thirty years and we are meeting for lunch next month at the very same restaurant  where we used to have ice cream sundaes.  Except now it's a Pizza Express! But Fiona expressed sentimentality so we have all agreed to meet there.  

How unbelievable is this! I am delighted to meet up with the best friends I have ever had and so so grateful to Twitter for enabling Sam and I to find each other again.  

So often, social media is responsible for trolls and horrible experiences but not this time, this is just beautiful, a real blessing.  I am delighted to share this post on Twitter today, their tenth anniversary, sending love and thanks, Twitter xxx