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28. Jun, 2014

I'm wondering what has happened to the mating game, dating game, whatever it's called these days? Yes, I'm talking about Internet dating. We are told that 1 out of 4 relationships now begin online but what is meant by 'relationship'? Sexual relationships are the order of the day, no scope for love, kindness, respect, affection, friendship. Is there meaning in many sexual partners? No commitment, no hard work, no good and bad times, just fun, click next. Men complain that women cannot express themselves, they are unable to hold a conversation, a comment that was directed at me and then I was blocked! Women all sound the same apparently, how do they think men sound! There are still the proverbial cliches, men, once you meet them are 10 years older than the photos they posted, not admitting to being fathers, not even doing the job their profile said they did. A question, why would men care about the intelligence of women if all they are interested in is having sex, no strings? Whatever happened to honesty, faith in another person, taking a risk that maybe a relationship might actually work?