27. Jan, 2019

Story So Far

Happy 2019 and thank you for the recent messages in the Guestbook, I do not accept sponserships as this blog is my personal journey, about me and not intended for commercial purposes. When I started this blog, I didn't know if anyone would be interested in reading any of my posts, I'm surprised and delighted at so many many views, a few lovely comments and likes, thank you so much.

My Trine Oils company has made good progress in creating brand awareness; Instagram has been encouraging, I have had product reviews from @beautybloggerbunny on that platform and mutual follows from the Organic/Natural community. Unfortunately, my only sales have come from friends!

Shop Share UK, wanted to launch my brand for a fee that I didn't have, so I have put that on the back burner. I applied to be a supplier to some health store chains in London, As Nature Intended, I never heard back from them and Planet Organic, who said they would not be interested.

With the launch of a Face oil I have entered the beauty brands arena and have gained further interest and am therefore exploring investment possibilities.

I have applied to be a supplier for National and International health store Holland and Barrett, they have a 12 week wait for a response! And am hoping to exhibit at a Natural show at Olympia, London in July.

The most exciting thing I guess is entering a competition run by Appear Here, the leading pop up store providers, they will select one brand who wins a free shop for two weeks in various cities - London, Paris, New York.  That's one hell of an opportunity for a new brand that can't otherwise afford a shop rental, the result of the competition is the end of February with the shop opening for two weeks in April. Not expecting to win but you never know!

Still doing temporary retail jobs until I gain some measure of success with my little company, let's see what 2019 brings - I hope this year is bright and beautiful for anyone who reads this!