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Website 23. Jan, 2019

Edward Miller

It's a beautiful blog.

Website 22. Jan, 2019

Rasmus Das

Hmm your website is great. Nice design and colors. How can I sponsor you? Do you take PayPal like on the casinos?

Website 3. Jan, 2019


Hurry to report.

Website 6. Dec, 2018


Like everything here, good looking pictures.

Website 17. Nov, 2018


Cute site.

Website 13. Nov, 2018

Annaley Linares

These photos are amazing, I like it here. ♡

Website 2. Aug, 2018


Love your sharing, cute photos!!!

Website 23. May, 2018


Wonderful blog!!!

Website 29. Mar, 2018


This is really a great stuff for sharing. Thanks for sharing.

Website 17. Oct, 2017


Lovely pictures

28. Jul, 2016


Shanti – that was beautiful, a graceful eulogy and soliloquy on friendship. So capturing the essence of yours with Sarah, to read was to inhale it. Leaving one sorry for not just your loss but someone we never knew. She’ll be smiling down. X

28. Apr, 2016


Hi Shanti It was great to meet up with you after all these years! I like your blog ☺keep up the good work & I look forward to reading more. Love & Light. Fiona. Xxx

29. Nov, 2015


Dear Shanti: We met many moons ago when you first visited Trinidad. Sorry for the loss of your father and your sister. I had heard of your Dad's passing and sent my condolences. I did not know that your sister Geeta had also passed. Please accept my deepest
sympathies. It is hard to lose a sibling. It is like losing a part of yourself .

31. Aug, 2015


well , read a few lines here and there, to open the door to your world. Seem you need to know that we all go through the same doors. Its how we handle ourselves that governs the Greens of life.