14. Jul, 2014

Yesterday I had an argument on Twitter with a reporter for the Huffington Post UK regarding his photo of a body having fallen out of a Coroners van. Any bereaved family like mine that has had questionable behaviour from paramedics, coroners office and funeral home would understand my reaction. I asked him if he had any consideration for bereaved families, he replied the body could not be identified and would I rather no reports of dead bodies? I called him a moron if he couldn't see the difference between a dead body fallen out of a van and dead bodies not fallen out of a van. I don't think I was wrong, if he had said he was simply reporting an occurrence, I would have accepted that. But he chose to be belligerent, hence my 'unnecessary insult' as he put it.

On reflection, his report touched a nerve and similarly, my criticism of him must also have touched a nerve. I'm not at all sorry for my response to his belligerence. For a reporter, he should be able to defend his story with some intelligence, never mind compassion. I no longer follow Huffington Post and Huffington Post UK on Twitter. 

Rest in peace, Geet, we love you xoxox