16. Jul, 2014

I am a proud supporter of 1 international and 2 national charitable organisations; but why do they periodically ask you to increase your donations? This can be very irritating. I've always wondered what percentage of funds collected actually reach those in need.

On the other hand, I have never wondered what happens to the clothing and shoes we all donate every time we have a clear out. It goes to the people who can't afford to buy them right?

So I'm more than a little uncomfortable after watching the recent BBC2 program that showed our donated clothes and shoes being sold at a market in Ghana. Apparently, this provides the sellers with an income. I suppose it could be argued that people do benefit, one way or another but I can't help thinking that there are always people who take advantage of the generosity of others. I imagine the sellers in Ghana would probably tell me it's okay for me, I live in the UK, and they, of course, would be right.