19. Jul, 2014

The heat is on

So, at 47, the hot flushes have started, yes, I am now perimenopausal or premenopausal. I was dreading going to see my GP, and as it turned out, couldn't get an appointment in a hurry. 

So, I researched natural remedies on the internet and thought I would try supplements. I started taking Sage tablets, which didn't do anything except upset my stomach after 2 weeks. I could have gone on trying various other supplements but I decided to try natural progesterone cream made from an extract from wild yams, advocated by many doctors and Suzanne Somers.

This cream can be obtained by prescription in the UK or bought outside of the UK; a company in Guernsey, called Wellspring Health sold something called Serenity cream.

As I was suffering around 20 hot flushes a day, displaying classic signs of oestrogen dominance and unsure that my GP would prescribe me something natural instead of synthetic, I decided to buy a jar of Serenity plus a book on natural progesterone co-authored by doctors.

The cream is rubbed onto arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, twice a day and within a week, no hot flushes! As we are experiencing 90 degree heat in London, I would not have been able to cope without Serenity cream, thanks to Wellspring Health. Now, I wonder how long the hormonal weight gain will take to disappear? I'll have to wait and see!