12. Aug, 2014

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Reflecting on the sad news of the passing of Robin Williams, I remember how much the film Dead Poets Society means to me; indeed I reference the film in my first screenplay-an English teacher that tries to inspire her students through poetry and literature whilst struggling to become a novelist herself.  As a teenager, I attempted suicide and I do believe writing and my belief in God saved me; and that is also how I survived a nervous breakdown in my late twenties.

Depression is a lifelong struggle and it doesn't take much to tip a person over the edge; I understand it's the same with addiction. Robin Williams struggled with both.

As long as we are alive, every one of us will suffer pain in one way or another. Laughter makes the pain bearable. This wonderful actor and comedian made us laugh till we cried, and that is what we will remember. My heart goes out to his family and friends, good night sweet prince, RIP xoxox