5. Sep, 2014

Recently I have noted comments about celebrating our differences. As a hindu, this can be tricky. Our scriptures talk about differences and individuality being the root cause of unrighteousness-that is to say-we need to root for each other as one Family, one Universe rather than 7 billion individuals.

Yes, each one of us is an individual; we all have different beliefs, cultures, preferences but, bottom line, we are all human. 

There is a tendency, these days, to care more for animals, wildlife, marine life. Of course, we must care and protect them, we are all God's creatures. This tendency makes me worry that we might forget our fellow human beings and that's exactly how atrocities begin.

The next time you sign a petition for animal welfare, just consider, when did you last sign a petition for human welfare? When did you last stand up for any person in any part of the World?

We must have faith in each other, in our humanity, in order to achieve Universal Unity.