31. Dec, 2014

So, 2014 has been a painful year-trying to come to terms with the legal ramifications of Dad's passing and the loss of his share of our grandfather's estate.  To try to make it better, I started this blog and began volunteering at the Royal National Institute of Blind People; in memory of the fundraising of Dad and my grandfather in Trinidad.

I tried bioidentical natural progesterone cream for the hot flushes that came and went-glad not to be using that cream anymore!

Baby sister and I have battled a mice infestation and financial pressures-we begin the New Year moving to a new flat and I can look forward to the joy of helping young visually impaired people cope with their disability-if only in a small way, finally finishing my second screenplay, posting on this blog more regularly and who knows what awaits in 2015?

Happy New Year everybody, 'God Bless Us, Everyone' xxx