August 11th 2019

11. Aug, 2019

This blog is 5 years old, OMG! 

Time has flown in the midst of all the losses and gains, plodding along, hoping for better thingss.

My little company, Trine Oils, did not win a free shop competition as mentioned in the last post.  I did exhibit at the Bloom Show at Olympia, London and made some sales, mostly the Pain Relief oil which I was delighted about as it's the first oil I ever made and is in tribute to my paternal grandfather, as he used Calendula oil as a remedy in 1940's Trinidad.

I thought I would try crowdfunding on so I could share the Pain Relief oil far and wide, but so far no one has contributed.  So, more trade shows coming up, I will not be exhibiting at the upcoming Vegfest at Olympia in October but advertising in the event programme instead, hopefully will exhibit at the Plant Power Expo also at Olympia in February, something to work towards.

As an observation, what is happening with our political system?

I voted Leave in the EU referendum in 2016 as did 17 million others and so far, our votes have not counted and may not count due to our MP's who obviously have their own agendas.  So I wonder, what was the point of so much struggle to acquire the right to vote when it seems there is no point in voting now?

Is there a future for the UK at home, never mind abroad?  Brexit has delayed many urgent matters before the House of Commons and this horror show threatens to continue.  Meanwhile Knife crime has claimed too many lives on our streets, too many homeless, too many people relying on Food Banks.  Why do they continue to bulid new homes that most people can't afford to buy or rent?

And the Pound is almost at parity with the Euro, continues to fall against the US dollar, is there any reason to be optimistic, I wonder? I tweeted the new Prime Minister, asking what he plans to do about Knife crime when as Mayor of London, Knife crime was greatly reduced - I haven't received a response!  We live in sobering times.

And if anyone in India is reading this, why don't you mobilise and mass protest in every State so that Mr Modi has to listen to you - how many babies and children have to be raped and murdered before he acts? How many women and girls?  Please try and raise your voices even if it's dangerous.  I can't tweet Mr Modi or anyone in India to act because I will be accused of being an interfering foreigner, yes, it's 4 generations back when my great great grandfather left Uttar Pradesh for Trinidad via the East India Company ship.  All I can do is cry and pray for these little children and their tiny vaginas torn apart because of the sickness of some.