27. Jan, 2015

Following the recent Terrorist Attacks in Paris, I sought some clarification from a Muslim co-worker at my current temp job. What was wrong with drawing the Prophet Muhammed? He was after all a man and therefore in human form?

Apparently, drawing faces is not permitted in Islam, among other things, like the Divinity of Jesus and the belief that he was not crucified but another man made to look like him, in order to fool those that wanted to kill him. Doesn't this mean that the entire Christian world has been fooled too?

So my co-worker went on to tell me how he used to be a rebel until he became more aware of practising his faith and that prayer is very important to him. I said that praying is a good thing, no prayer is ever wasted, no matter what your faith. He then said a Christian prayer is not the same as a Muslim prayer - I had to stop him by saying that I liked him a lot but that he should speak in general terms regarding prayer.

So, Islam can insult everyone else's beliefs but no one dare insult them, is that it? Do they not see how offensive and hurtful they are? To deny the Crucifixion of Our Lord is to deny the very foundations of Christianity.

 I wish that one day all faiths will know and believe that God does not seek to divide us, only to unite us.