28. Feb, 2015

Delighted that The Imitation Game won best adapted screenplay Oscar recently. Overwhelmed to discover that the Apple graphic with a bite taken out of it is rumoured to be a tribute to Alan Turing, the creator of the world's first computer which cracked the Nazi encoded messages during World War 2.  I read the screenplay on an IPad and burst into tears at how Alan Turing has long been remembered (God bless Steve Jobs) and how I never knew.  What would our world have become without Alan Turing?  How devastating that he was driven to suicide (cyanide powder on an apple) because of his sexual preference.

Having recently watched The Monuments Men, again, I am overwhelmed at the bravery and determination and loss of life of the men who rescued millions of paintings and sculptures stolen by the Nazis.  What would our world be without art? What proof of our civilisation would there be?  And this movie is yet another reason to love George Clooney, not to mention his dad, Nick Clooney, for having taken his young son to see The Madonna sculpture in Bruges, Brussels and no doubt inspiring the movie. Haven't visited Bruges, but I now have a wonderful reason to.  

And the moral of this post - be grateful to all the wonderful men and women that have contributed to the world we live in and so utterly take for granted. Especially when you use an IPad.