1. Jan, 2018

Happy New Year!

Well, 2017 was a tough year for many people, I was certainly glad to see the end of it.

Glad to welcome a new start with a new job starting tomorrow. Universelle Buly 1803 is a French heritage beauty and accessories brand, their new London account is in the new accessories hall in Selfridges, a store I have been temping in on and off for 13 months. 

Grateful for a decent salary and the subsequent ability to pay off accumulated debts and to go on holiday, Tobago is sounding good, right about now.

Grateful to have survived a knee injury and the sudden loss of my brother Jai, in spite of how difficult our relationship had become.

And now, for new opportunities- in addition to the new job, I have been invited by @TownFishLondon via Twitter to participate in their new app, recommending places in London and also to submit fiction, non fiction and poetry to OjalArt.com via Twitter. Not sure what either opportunity will amount to but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A special thank you to my friend Bill, for his generous Watsi gift card Christmas present; I used the gift card to contribute to Ephraim's prostate surgery and to complete the funds for Vakisoni's prostate surgery, his op has now been successful. Both these men live in countries that have no free medical care and Watsi.com is literally a lifesaver. I chose prostate surgery candidates as Dad had had that surgery.

And a further thank you to Bill for the congrats on new job card and champagne although I re gifted the champagne to some colleagues, aunt and niece, who are having a difficult time at the moment. Some years ago, I had been given champagne and flowers as a leaving present from a receptionist job. The champagne sat untouched until my brother Jai came over to visit and I had given the champagne to him as I knew he and his girlfriend Caroline would drink it. So I couldn't bring home a bottle of champagne as Jai can never again come over to visit, grateful to Monique and Sam for accepting the champagne.

And, a shout out to the 31,000 plus visitors to this blog since June 2014, a massive thank you, I hope at least one person has found some meaning in any of my posts.

2018, here's looking at you kid!