June 13th 2015

13. Jun, 2015

Back in November, my post on this blog told the story of how I came across watsi.org, an organisation that invites donations for healthcare for individual cases in many parts of the world where healthcare may not be accessible or affordable.  I made a small donation for Isabel, a woman in Guatemala diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer.  I shared her appeal on Twitter and asked for assistance.  Amazingly, 3 days later, watsi emailed me to say Isabel's treatment costs had been fully funded and her treatment would go ahead.

On 10th June, wasi emailed me an update on Isabel, she had surgery, did not require chemotherapy and is now cancer-free! I have been in tears, thanking God for all the people who donated for her treatment.  I hope she continues to live in wellness with her husband and children.

A special thank you to the 11 people who donated the same day as me, a result of my appeal on Twitter?  For all the horrible tweets so many people receive, this was beautiful.  God bless.