29. Jun, 2015

First Anniversary

So, this blog is 1 year old and I am obliged to reflect on the past year.  Invariably, there have been improvements and no changes on different things.  Family problems have largely remained static; my resolve to finish my second screenplay has simply remained a resolve - I am not yet passed my stage of grieving sufficient to care to finish what I started writing before my sister Geeta and my father Ramsawak died.  Since they died within 7 months of each other, it's been a very tough time.

However, I left the beauty industry that I have been a part of for more than 20 years or so, and have gravitated back to admin and reception work on a temporary basis.  I began volunteering  and now volunteer for 2 charities, 2 days a week - Royal National Institute for Blind People because my father raised funds for them and my grandfather helped establish a similar organisation in Trinidad (which partly led to him receiving an MBE) and Missing People, a national organisation to help, support and find missing relatives and family members.  

And I have begun studying again after 27 years(!) for an ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management Level 3.  This is a big change for me, is challenging and perhaps it will prove rewarding in the near future.  An entrepreneur and leader on Twitter, Ron McIntyre @ronmci had added me to a Leadership List back in the Autumn, perhaps this lit a spark in me?!  

I have had fun on Twitter, also a first anniversary, except for the occasional upsetting exchange.  To date, I have 500 plus followers (because I won't buy followers), this blog is on a number of Lists - good quality blog, coolest blog around, popular writer to name 3 and I have never been popular in my life!

When I finish my studies in September, I will be going on holiday to Lanzarote with Baby Sister and when I come back, I promise now, that I will finish my second screenplay.  I have to get back to where I was before Geeta died, before I lost my train of thought, before I lost my faith in myself and the path I had chosen.  As I tweeted yesterday, 'It's not about staying positive, it's about losing your faith and finding it time after time after time' this tweet was retweeted 3 times, favourited 6 times and I received 9 followers thanks to #ThinkBigSundayWithMarsha @Real Marsha Wright.

I hope this time next year, I'll have more changes to reflect on, sincere thanks and love to any one who has read this blog and found it meaningful.  After all, the goal of a writer is to reach his audience and connect with them, it means more than words can say (!)

Shanti xxx