August 26th 2018

26. Aug, 2018

Today is exactly six years since my beloved older sister Geeta died and the shock, horror and grief is a memory now.  I have perspective on who she was and how she lived on her terms, expecting her to live on other people's terms was not right and whilst I am still broken by how sad her life was and how she somehow never made the most of all the opportunities she was given, I have to understand perhaps she just wasn't able to get past her demons.

On a brighter note, back in January, I was looking forward to what this year would bring, I couldn't have imagined all that I have accomplished and still to accomplish.  I worked for a niche French luxury beauty brand in Selfridges for seven months; trying to understand an antiquated business model, trying to learn calligraphy, and learning about many different plant oils.  But this brand sold single oils and after doing some research on the healing power of oils, I created a blend for pain relief and used it on myself for Sciatica relief.  I have had such excellent results that I wanted to market my blend and some other blends as well.

And so I have started my own brand Trine Oils, each blend consists of three plant or plant and essential oils specifically to heal or aid discomfort, fragrance and preservative free. This is incredibly daunting but fortune favours the brave as they say, and I may as well give it my best shot. Currently selling online and hoping to have a retail space, sometime soon.  If you suffer from aches and pains, anxiety and panic attacks, if you are breastfeeding or have stretch marks you want to fade or are looking to help your daily detox check out my new website thank you!

Shanti x