19. Nov, 2015

What's your name?

At my current temp job yesterday, I was having a lovely conversation with a female customer, when she asked my name, Shanti I answered and she exclaimed, oh your name suits you perfectly! Dad named me as he did all his children but this reminds me of a dream I had and it was so wonderful, I told Dad about it.  I dreamt I was talking to my beloved grandfather, who died 8 years before I was born but he visits me in my dreams. So I asked him why did he name me Shanti? I saw him holding a baby who was crying a lot and he exclaimed, this child will give me no peace!

My grandfather is the best angel in my life, even Dad laughed when I told him this dream. 

Whoever reads this, I hope your name gives you the joy, peace and love that my name gives me.